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    Exploitation is not a viable business model.

The Plight of Communities & Working Women

Workers across the world suffer when companies refuse to prioritize their health & safety. These stories come from Uganda and are only a handful of cases among many human rights violations in value chains.

From the women injured when working on flower farms to environmental destruction, each of these stories highlights different human rights violations that could be avoided if there was a legal framework protecting workers and communities.

Prioritizing workers’ safety is a bare minimum and essential protection that an employer can provide. This campaign calls on lawmakers to put in place laws that stand for workers’ safety and embolden workers to fight for better working conditions.

Legislation that would hold corporations accountable for violations of human rights occurring throughout their value chains would provide workers in Uganda the opportunity to hold corporations accountable.


Here are the stories

  • The Plight of Working Women
  • Kabarole Crater Lakes
  • Pozzolana Extraction Mining Incident

The Plight of Working Women

Interviewers from the Initiative for Social & Economic Right talk to multiple women who previously worked at the Royal Van Zanten flower farms and ended up with chronic health issues. Watch our video.

Kabarole Crater Lakes

Learn how a local government contract allowing a company exclusive access to the Crater Lakes in the Kabarole District prevented community members from using the lakes for their livelihoods and resulted in violence against the community.

Pozzolana Extraction Mining Incident

When Hima Cement, a Ugandan Subsidiary of Lafarge-Holcim extracted pozzolana from local farmers’ land through Seahorse International, farmers were promised compensation and restoration of their land. Not all received what they were promised.

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