Corporate capture of our government is invisible by design, enabling powerful companies to manipulate policy and undermine progressive change across a wide variety of issue areas without repercussions. To combat this, the Capitol Inc. Campaign uses digital art as a tool for people to see how the harm that flows from outsized corporate influence shows up in our society.

We want to build a world where business activities are not built on labor and human rights abuses; where corporations are not emboldened to attack their critics, whether in the courts or on the streets; and where the government is responsive to the people and the public interest, instead of to corporate donors.

This starts with attacking one of the most sinister sources of power for corporate influence: that almost no one can see it happen. Through Capitol, Inc, we are combining art, technology and social justice to reveal this hidden world of corporate power and influence happening all around us!

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  • ICAR's Invisible DC Block Party
  • Experience the Art
  • Take Action against Corporate Capture

ICAR's Invisible DC Block Party

On June 8th, 2022, we threw an “Invisible DC Block Party” on the National Mall in Washington D.C. in order to reinvigorate and draw more public attention to our Capitol, Inc Campaign. With live music and a short program, the event showcased four augmented reality art installations that reveal how deep corporate influence runs in Washington D.C. Check out our short event video!

Experience the Art

There are four digital art installations in the Capitol, Inc. campaign created by BIPOC artists covering the oil & gas industry, big agribusiness, private prisons, and Indigenous peoples' rights. Each progressive issue is --at least-- in part a corporate accountability issue. Explore the different art installations to learn more about the invisible hand of corporate power and how it causes harm in each of the issues covered in the campaign.

Take Action against Corporate Capture

Corporate abuse of power creates widespread harm - from rolling back environmental protections to benefit the fossil fuel industry and reversing key labor protections in service of profits, to using taxpayer money to subsidize corporate abuse. Join us in demanding protections to ensure that the public interest is not sacrificed for the sake of corporate profits