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    Check out ICAR’s Latest Capitol, Inc. Augmented Reality Installation, ICARUS

  • Stories of Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chains

    Human rights abuses, environmental degradation and exploiting vulnerable communities is not a viable business model. Learn more about the stories of those who have survived corporate abuse here.

  • 2022 ICAR Annual Meeting

    View recordings and session info from the 2022 ICAR Annual Meeting

  • Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation: The SLAPP Protection Act

    The SLAPP Protection Act would protect free speech and uphold the integrity of our courts fighting against the use of SLAPP lawsuits designed to silence activists speaking out against corporate abuse. Learn more here.

About Us

ICAR is a coalition of 40+ member and partner organizations committed to ending corporate abuse of people and the planet.  We advocate for real protections and strong enforcement of the law to protect the public by enacting reasonable safeguards against corporate abuse, protecting those who speak out against corporate wrongdoing, and combating the rise of the corporate state.

Our Board

Our Vision

Societies thrive when governments have the resources and independence to protect human rights against the threats of disproportionate power, access, and money.

Societies thrive when we have a rights-based economy, where responsible corporate citizenship is enshrined in law, and where rule-breakers are held accountable.

Societies thrive when people tell the truth and work together. That’s what ICAR does.

ICAR Is Committed To

Protecting those who speak out against corporate abuse

Building commonsense protections against corporate abuse

Combating the rise of the corporate state.

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