Annual Meeting

2020 ICAR Annual Meeting

Since our founding in 2010, ICAR has hosted members and partners from the Business and Human Rights and Corporate Accountability movement for an annual two-day conference in Washington, D.C. to freely explore new ideas, share tactics, and strategize for the future.

This year, ICAR came together virtually and chose to spread the ICAR Annual Meeting out over four days during the last two weeks in September. We were saddened we could not meet in person, but also pleased that moving to a virtual platform allowed us to connect with more of you.

While the ICAR Annual Meeting is typically an internally facing meeting for and by civil society organizations, in the spirit of making information accessible to the broader community, we’d like to make the following resources publicly available.

2020 Annual Meeting Summary

2020 Annual Meeting Agenda

2020 Annual Meeting Resources Guide

2020 ICAR Annual Meeting Video Recordings

Day 1

Plenary: Racial Justice and the Corporate Accountability Movement

Panel: Protecting Protest: Fighting Back Against Corporate Bullies 


Day 2

Panel: Building Just Transition for Worker and Climate Justice

Panel: Combating Corporate Capture

Day 2 Breakout Sessions:

At the Root of Abuse: Challenging the Corporate Form

Introducing the Idea Bank, a Hub for Corporate Accountability Litigators

Training the Next Generation of BHR Advocates: Training BHR Forum


Day 3

Keynote Address featuring Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Day 3 Breakout Sessions:

Countering Corporate Strategies to Avoid Responsibility for Human Rights

Access to Remedy in the Technology Sector


Day 4

Panel: Mandatory Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence

Day 4 Breakout Sessions:

Rightsholder Centered Approaches to BHR

Using Data to Improve Working Conditions in Apparel Supply Chains and “Build Back Better” post COVID-19 

Trade and Business & Human Rights 

Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award Ceremony + Book Launch

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