Regina Iminova

Legal and Policy Intern

Regina Iminova is an LLM candidate in Technology Law and Policy at Georgetown University Law Center. Her research focuses on corporate accountability at the intersection between privacy law and human rights. Originally from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China, she lived and studied in China, Russia, and Central Asia. She has a Bachelor of Laws in Diplomacy and International Affairs from China Foreign Affairs University, and a Juris Doctor from American University, Washington College of Law. While in law school, she served as Senior Writer at the Human Rights Brief and published several articles concerning surveillance, human rights abuses, and States’ obligations under international law. During her last year of law school, she developed a “Strategic Litigation Resources Toolkit For the Uyghur Community” that discusses the ways in which Uyghur victims of human rights abuses in Xinjiang can hold corporations and individuals accountable under the U.S. law. Last year, she joined a Research Group at the Center for AI and Digital Policy, where she contributed to the AI Social Contract Index 2020, which is a measure of the degree to which governments engage in ethical AI practices.