National Action Plans

In June 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously endorsed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). Three years later, in June 2014, the Council called on all Member States to develop National Action Plans (NAPs) to promote the implementation of the UNGPs within their respective national contexts. Since 2011, and due in part to this developments, a number of individual States have published NAPs on business and human rights, and many more are currently in the process.

ICAR’s ongoing work in this area aims to support the development, implementation, and review of NAPs on business and human rights. In this regard, ICAR published a joint report with the Danish Institute for Human Rights in June 2014 that provides a “NAPs Toolkit” intended to guide and assist governments and other actors in producing both National Baseline Assessments (NBAs) of current State implementation of the UNGPs and actual NAPs on business and human rights. It also presents a mapping and analysis of options at the international and regional levels for monitoring and review of NAPs once they are developed in order to optimize their value within and between countries as a means for improving governance, regulation, and, ultimately, respect for human rights.

To download the NAPs Toolkit, click here.

Since the publication of the NAPs Toolkit, ICAR has advised a number of governments, civil society organizations, and national human rights institutions on engagement with the Toolkit and NAPs processes in general. ICAR’s work on NAPs is now structured under the four prongs of implementation, tracking progress, institutionalization, and the provision of tools and resources.

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